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Protect Against Coronavirus (COVID-19) With UV Germicidal Sterilization

Industry Approved UltraViolet Drivers and UV Germicidal Ballasts for Virus and Infection Control – COVID-19 Effective. Used by leading manufacturers of Surface, Air and Water Quality control equipment when a consistent, reliable and long lasting solution is mandated. Browse our ballasts that are specially designed to pair with your UltraViolet lamp for assured germicidal power.

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Next Generation UV Driver for Air and Water Quality Systems

We've taken all we have learned over 20 years of Ultra Violet Ballast leadership as a baseline and enhanced it to our new Q Series of UV Drivers. Unlike modified lighting ballasts, this technology is specifically designed for industrial and commercial UV Driver applications to use in the most rigorous duty cycle environments and is optimized to correctly ignite and drive the UV lamp to specifications of the lamp manufacturer. This ensures longest life with maximum UVC output.

Q Series Features

Q Series Features

  • 100-240Vac input
  • Fully encased and Potted
  • cUL, CE, CCC, C62.41, C82.11, EN61347, EN55015
  • Protection-End of Lamp Life, Arcing, ShortCircuit
  • 90C Max Case Temp, 50C Max Ambient
  • Five year Factory Warranty
  • Power and Lamp Status to connector and Case LEDs
  • Quick Disconnect Cable Harnesses (included)
  • High Efficiency-Low Heat Dissipation
  • Mirror Finish Aluminum Housing
  • On/Off Switch
Model NumberNominal Lamp CurrentArcVolts RangeLamp RangeStart MethodLamp CountSpecSheet
IAQ164G6MV 425 92 - 176 G36T5 to G64T5 Instant 1 IAQ164G6MV
PAQ164G6MV 425 92 - 176 G36T5 to G64T5 Program 1 PAQ164G6MV
IAQ164G6HOMV 800 100 - 180 GHO36T5 to GHO64T5 Instant 1 IAQ164G6HOMV
PAQ164G6HOMV 800 100 - 180 GHO36T5 to GHO64T5 Program 1 PAQ164G6HOMV
IAQ264G6MV 425 92 - 176 G36T5 to G64T5 Instant 2/1 IAQ264G6MV
PAQ264G6MV 425 92 - 176 G36T5 to G64T5 Program 2/1 PAQ264G6MV
IAQ264G6HOMV 800 100 - 180 GHO36T5 to GHO64T5 Instant 2/1 IAQ264G6HOMV
PAQ264G6HOMV 800 100 - 180 GHO36T5 to GHO64T5 Program 2/1 PAQ264G6HOMV

Robertson Proprietary UV Driver/Ballast Solutions

The Robertson EZ24(PSM1GPH18DW24) Ballast -The Best-in-Class Reliability

The E224 eBallast is our latest generation of innovative ballast technology specifically designed for the highest performance UV applications in the most difficult of operating environments.

Correct and consistent UVC output is critical for effective germicidal treatment. The E224 easily meets these standards by performing over the widest range of lamps, temperatures, input voltages and lamp cables. Energy efficient and power factor corrected, the E224 can work with most existing transformers without limiting critical UVC power.

Robertson Worldwide offers a full 7-year warranty on the EZ24 UV ballast due to:

A conservative design that incorporates Robertson’s All-Star Protection safety features

The use of the highest rated components currently available

Manufactured to world quality and safety standards for North American, European, and Asian markets

These unique design characteristics allow the EZ24 to perform sauccessfully in the harshest of operating environments. It will reliably start lamps down to 0°F, at a minimum of only 19.2 volts-AC or DC, yet perform in the hottest environments, up to 176°F ambient, for many years.

Compare our specifications to that of any other UV ballast to measure the difference.

Based on minimum volume requirements,Robertson can customize the EZ24 PCBA to meet almost any UV equipment form factor requirements

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