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Robertson has been at the forefront of the lighting industry for almost seventy years. We have built a reputation for excellence based on our broad line of reliable and high-quality products, extensive technical expertise, superior customer service and long-standing industry partnerships. 

From a customer commitment standpoint, Robertson has made numerous strides to assist its customers in the following ways:

  • We have fully revamped our web portal to provide extensive product characteristic search capabilities that exceed that offered by anyone else in the industry. This allows for extremely quick searches if our current products, its predecessors, by lamp, and/or cross reference to products from numerous other manufacturers.
  • A distributor/commercial end-user site that allows for volume discount pricing, expedited order processing, check order status, view sales history and utilize any of the site's eCommerce functionalities.

Unique Lighting Technologies

ez24-box led-cfl-box Flex50-box
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Additional technical specifications and pricing available upon request via [email protected]

FlexFrame is our next generation design for UV lamps. Designed with programming features that provide for very flexible lamp drives and lamp configurations, plus the benefits of digital communications to and from the eDriver relative to its operating state and the operating states of the lamp(s). If required, dimming is available or the FlexFrame eDriver can be set for stable UV output over the life of the lamp by compensating with lamp current.

The FlexFrame, because of its digital control can be extremely flexible in terms of customer and lamp drive parameters. Some of the FlexFrame features include, but not limited are digital control and monitoring of lamp status, lamp hours, temperature, powerline monitoring as well as Robertson's patented All-Star Protection.

The EZ24 UV eBallast for low pressure germicidal lamps is an ideal low-maintenance, energy-efficient solution for ultraviolet lighting applications. Designed to operate at a 24Vac input voltage with program start for extended lamp life, while including end of lamp life protection and IP61 rated for total dust ingress and condensation protection.

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